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Strategy Fusion
Designed to build your consulting practice
in less time and cost

The most sophisticated and comprehensive platform available for delivering strategic planning and advice

The consulting division of an international firm recently described other tools for delivering advice services as a ‘subset’ of Strategy Fusion.

There are many simple, part solutions on the market, particularly in the area business (as opposed to strategic) planning. However, until Strategy Fusion no one has produced a comprehensive, interlinked system for end to end strategic planning and business planning, designed for delivering value added advisory services to clients in less time and cost.

Sitting behind the intuitive inputs and easy user interface are sophisticated links, algorithms and formulas, saving you time and money and enabling you to demonstrate to clients with the press of a button how changing one variable of the business impacts on the rest of the business and the resulting changes in valuation.

All this is the result of nearly two years of design by PhDs in business strategy, coding by our in house developers and market testing to separate you from the competition.




Intuitive menus

The hub page is the entry point to the Strategy Fusion software and uses tiles in a grid layout to make the system visually easy to navigate and interact with. The hub page logically also attractively showcases the content for your clients and allows you to move quickly and easily through the different sections of the Strategy Fusion tool.

Let us do the calculations and reports for you

You only need to insert numbers through our intuitive inputs and the algorithms built into the Strategy Fusion system does all the calculations and spread sheets, reports and dashboards are populated. The sections are interlinked so, as a simple example, entering or changing inputs into the marketing section the software updates the the finance section spreadsheets.

In built formulas make case sensitivity, scenario analysis and business valuation easy. Prepare professional calculations, financial charts, dash boards, scenarios and valuations in a fraction of the time than was possible previously.


Communicate with dashboards rather than just words and numbers

All of the outputs of the Strategy Fusion system can be viewed through highly customisable dashboards. The attractive dashboards significantly enhance the client experience and communication with the client. Many of the dashboards are uniquely applied to strategic planning by Strategy Fusion.

Our dashboards are also designed to provide a basis for ongoing engagement with the client, deepening relationships and revenue opportunities.

Select only what your client needs

Strategy Fusion has been designed to be modular so that if your client only needs a marketing plan rather than a full strategic business plan, you can just deliver that section.

The main dashboard also allows to select the sections to display, as shown here by some of the external strategy formulation sections.


Increase your speed

By simply uploading information about, and the objectives of, your business and financial position you can generate comprehensive strategic business plans and dashboards without the time consuming task of populating spreadsheets, needing to draw up charts or formatting Word documents.

All the support that you need

A comprehensive technical and user manual, which is accessed direct from the software, helps users to maximise the benefits of the Strategy Fusion system. Combined with our training and extensive support, it’s all that you will need to grow your clients and business.


Monitor your planning process

Strategy Fusion provides progress chart provides a snapshot overview of your progress in completing your strategic planning plans.

Other Features

24-7 support


We provide 24/7 support from a team that is passionate about our system and delivering leading edge strategic business planning to clients. We can even cost effectively help you complete your plans if you ever need us to, becoming an extension to your team.

Cloud hosted

Cloud Hosted

As Strategy Fusion software tool is cloud hosted so you and your clients can easily access Strategy Fusion plans software from anywhere – enabling enhanced collaboration, monitoring and deeper client relationships.

Easy to use

Easy to Use

The Strategy Fusion system has been designed to be intuitive with no need to format a document, build a chart or work on a spreadsheet. It’s all you will need to time and cost effectively build and deepen your client relationhsips.

fast to make a plan

Work Faster

Strategy Fusion enables you to create strategic business plans in a fraction of the time and cost than was possible until now. By entering information our tabulated inputs the interlinked Strategy Fusion system creates sophisticated plans – no more spreadsheets, drawing charts or formatting.

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