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GrowyourbusinessBy using a leading edge software tool that can be branded with your firm’s name and logo combined with our training, Strategy Fusion enables accountants and other advisers to offer leading edge management consulting services and generate more comprehensive and elegant marketing, operational, financial or full strategic business plans for their clients through simple, intuitive inputs. All this in less time and was possible until now.

This provides the opportunity for you to open new revenue streams with existing clients or engage new clients with an enhanced or new offer. You will also be able add significant value and insights to their business, thereby deepening client relationships, and the cost of Strategy Fusion will be a fraction of the additional revenue that can be earned.

In addition to the new revenue streams from strategic business plans, Strategy Fusion users may earn further revenue by assisting with the monitoring of execution of the strategic business plans or the planning process will unearth issues or opportunities that will provide the basis to sell your other services to the client with the potential in many cases to create multiple revenue over and above the fees for the original plan.

Deepen client relationships

The cost of acquiring new clients is much greater than gaining more revenue from existing clients.

Strategy Fusion enables you to extend the reach and depth of engagement that you have with your clients and their business and significantly increase value that you provide to them.

Also, because the plans you generate using Strategy Fusion are dynamic and cloud based, using the plans as a basis for regular (monthly or quarterly) reviews with your clients means that you become a more integral part of your client’s business.

Strategy Fusion enables you to deepen your relationships and accelerate your status as a trusted adviser with your clients.

Separate yourself from the competition

Strategy Fusion genuinely separates your offer from the competition, who are using less comprehensive tools and approaches that are a subset of Strategy Fusion or part solution. Even the largest management consultancies have not developed as client delivery solution as comprehensive that Strategy Fusion offers.

In short, Strategy Fusion will enable you to impress your clients with the service and product that you are now able to provide and the value that you are able to add to their business.


We don’t just provide you with a ground breaking software tool that will guide you in creating leading edge plans for your clients in a fraction of the time and cost than would otherwise be possible, we also train you in how to think and advise your clients differently from the competition and in how to use that knowledge and our software to build a thriving consulting business around the Strategy Fusion system.


We have extensive technical support and we can even cost effectively assist you in completing your Strategy Fusion plans for your clients if you need us to

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Financial Advisers

Had these problems:
Struggling to differentiate their offer from the competition through innovative offers
Finding it increasingly difficult, time consuming and costly to acquire new clientss
Are looking for new ways to deepen relationships and revenue opportunities with existing clients
Anxious about shrinking margins and disruption from new business models, trying to avoid being part of the “race to the bottom”
Finding it hard to identify new revenue streams
No novel and efficient way to deliver strategic advisory business planning solutions to clients without significant investment

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