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Enhance Your Existing
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Help me offer a better advisory service

GrowyourbusinessBy using a leading edge software tool that can be branded with your firm’s name and logo, Strategy Fusion enables management consultants to enhance and streamline their existing offer, all in less time and cost was possible until now.

Add more value to your clients

Using Strategy Fusion will enable you to add significant value and insights to your client’s business, deepening your relationships and accelerating your status as a trusted adviser with your clients.

Deepen client relationships

Because the plans you generate using Strategy Fusion are both dynamic and cloud based, using the plans as a basis for regular (such as monthly or quarterly) reviews with your clients means that you become an even more integral part of your client’s business, leading to higher levels of collaboration and engagement and form the basis retainers and further project work.

Separate yourself from other consultants

Management consulting and business advisory is becoming increasingly competitive with seemingly anyone able to call themselves a consultant. You may provide a superior service and outcomes for your clients but it’s still hard to stand out. Strategy Fusion is designed to separate your offer from the other management consultants who are may be using tools which embody little or no points of difference and proprietary IP or, most likely, they are not using tools at all.

A sophisticated and comprehensive tool

Further, the elements of strategy formulation and execution, embedded in the Strategy Fusion system through proprietary links and algorithms, have been developed by PhDs in strategy and a high level of academic rigour and novel approaches to assist your clients growth plans and challenges but in a practical format. Even the largest management consultancies have not developed software enabled client solutions as interlinked and comprehensive as Strategy Fusion. However, while the Strategy Fusion system is far more sophisticated and comprehensive than any other software enabled approach on the market, it has been designed to be practical and further enabling you separate you from the competition.


We don’t just provide you with a ground breaking software tool that will guide you in creating leading edge plans for your clients in a fraction of the time and cost than would otherwise be possible, we can also train you in how to get the best out of the system. We can also train you in how to think and advise your clients differently from the competition and in how to use that knowledge and our software to build your consulting business around the Strategy Fusion system.


We have comprehensive technical support that can be accessed 24/7.

Finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate their offer from the competition through innovative service delivery
Finding it increasingly difficult, time consuming and costly to acquire new clients
Are looking for new ways to deepen relationships and revenue opportunities with existing clients, including reatiners
Worried about client prising pressure shrinking margins and disruption from new business models, trying to avoid being part of the “race to the bottom” in fees
Want ways to use technology to deliver services to clients and don’t have the time to build their own solutions

 or make We solved these problems using:


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